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Understanding Sermorelin; is it right for you?

While we were young our brains naturally stimulated the pituitary glands to produce ample amounts of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH), which promote and sustain health and vitality. As we age, the less and less GHRH is produced by our brain causing the pituitary gland production of GHRH to decline leading to a lower level of vitality, vigor and eventually health. Your physician is committed to people living life fully, with optimal health, energy, and stamina.

Sermorelin Acetate is a safe, natural and preferable method to stimulate the human body to increase production of GHRH. Sermorelin Acetate is compounded by pharmacies and requires a physician’s prescription (it is not a genetically engineered human growth hormone ).

What can Sermorelin Therapy do for me?

With the stimulation of Sermorelin Acetate to the pituitary gland, the increased production of GHRH will be noticeable in your body through in the following ways:

  • Enhanced skin elasticity
  • Enhanced development of lean body mass
  • Reduced body fat through lipolysis
  • Accelerated healing and enhanced immune system function
  • Strengthening the heart
  • Enhanced energy, vitality and promotion of emotional stability
  • Improved hair texture and density
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved REM sleep and overall sleep quality
  • Increased calcium retention, and strengthening of bones


With Sermorelin, the increased volume of GHRH produced by the pituitary gland causes an increase in the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) by the liver, which can reverse symptoms typically associated with aging. The release of IGF-1 in the blood stream increases the metabolism and growth of new cells within the body’s organs and bones. This treatment also increases lean muscle mass, reduces body fat, increases bone density, enhances the immune system, and strengthens the heart, as well as, optimizing other organs in the body. Since the increased volume of GHRH is produced by the body’s own pituitary gland, the body’s endocrine system (system of glands that secrete hormones) will not allow an excess of growth hormones to be produced; therefore, the body can safely process Sermorelin Acetate with the self-monitoring endocrine system.

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