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Boston, Massachusetts – Testosterone is an essential hormone to the health and well-being of men.  Our hearts are muscles with androgen receptors.  In the absence of sufficient bioavailable testosterone the heart will weaken; and Primary Care Doctors who refuse to treat men with low testosterone (Low T) are placing their patients in a dangerous position.  We do not want to go too many years with insufficient testosterone levels as the risk of a major cardiovascular event (heart attack) markedly increases as the years go by.
We are always shocked at many responses when we tell men in their 30’s and 40’s that their Low T can lead to an early heart attack in life. Oftentimes men break down and tell us that their Dad died of a heart attack or suffered his first heart attack in his 40’s or 50’s.It’s very sad to realize how many Husbands and Dads could be alive if the incompetent or brash doctor hadn’t told them “it’s just part of getting old John, nothing you can do about it, Here’s some Cialis..” in response to low testosterone complaints; complaints like those that kicked off this thread.The clinical studies of low testosterone in men point to anything below 550 (Serum Testosterone) as being detrimental to heart health.  The best testosterone doctors and hormone clinics will all test Total Testosterone/Free Testosterone/Bio Available Testosterone as well as Estradiol to have an accurate picture of your hormones.

A good read on testosterone blood testing is found here at our blog: A Dangerous Misdiagnosis of Men with Low Testosterone by their Primary Care Doctors.

Our Facebook Wall has many posts by men exactly like you who tested either deficient or insufficient and were put on therapy at Boston Testosterone. They have seen their lives completely turn around. See the Boston Testosterone Reviews and Testimonials .  Go and read their stories.  They were all similarly situated to you at one point.

It’s not for everyone and specifically for men over 30 who have tested low for hormones (testosterone, total and free), but you should start by reading as many clinical studies as you can and look into Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Boston Testosterone Partners.

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