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November 22, 2013

Are you looking for testosterone replacement therapy doctors?  Do you need the best options for testosterone therapy?  It’s a common thing nowadays as recent studies show a generational decline in the testosterone levels among men.  The general trend in the rise of testosterone replacement therapy does not seem to be attributable to health and lifestyle changes either, since in general, better health food options exist today than in past generations.    

During a recent study, the testosterone in the blood of a 60-year-old in 1989 was higher than that in a different 60-year-old measured in 1995.  The same phenomenon was observed over a wide range of ages as well.


Normally, a woman faces menopause as they age in the mid-forties.  Now men are experiencing something similar.  Andropause as a result of our primary hormone, testosterone being too low.      

A report from a long-term study that evaluated changes in serum testosterone on a large population of men proves that the testosterone levels in American men have rapidly declined for the past two decades. The rise in this hormonal deficit calls for a men to get tested and establish baseline testosterone levels and seek out the the best options for testosterone therapy with qualified doctor.

Source: J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007;92:196-202.


A male aging study consisting of randomly selected men of age bracket 45-79 was conducted in Massachusetts. The selected men were from Boston. The Male Aging study was to measure the variation in testosterone level between the participants at different times and generations.  

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Unfortunately, the researchers were not able to definitively put a finger on the reason why men today have lower testosterone levels.  But the important finding from the studies really is the conclusion;  Men today do indeed have much lower testosterone levels.  The rise in men seeking testosterone therapy is not a fad.  It is based on a medical need that these studies have clearly pointed out.  Men today do not feel the way past generations men felt, in part to this discovered Low T levels.

The researchers identified additional factors that increase the risk of testosterone decline are other lifestyle factors, such as increasing use of tight underclothing, high room temperatures in American homes and offices during the past decades, decreased physical exercise with an increase in smoking.  We also feel that the sharp increase in medications that primary care doctors prescribe have caused a drop in testosterone and imbalanced hormone levels in both men and women.

A decline in testosterone level may lead to higher integrated problems as well. Therefore, doctors recommend men get baseline hormone levels tested at age 30 to decide if testosterone replacement therapy is indicated.

Today, testosterone replacement therapy doctors implement a practical approach to assess the need and treat men.  Like in the research done in Boston, blood samples were taken and extensive exams and interviews are conducted.  The therapy itself is very simple, safe and inexpensive.

If you live in the Boston area, look no further for the best options for testosterone therapy from testosterone replacement therapy doctors, Boston Testosterone Partners.  However, there are many testosterone replacement therapy doctors available to give guidance who are well versed in TRT in the New England area.  Call us, we are always happy to give you referrals if our medical offices are not convenient to you.

Testosterone replacement therapy doctors will help you treat your unwelcome changes such as weight gain, libido loss and help you get more active again.

Testosterone replacement therapy for men is similar to estrogen replacement therapy done in women, but both are accompanied with minimal risks and side effects. One of the best options for testosterone therapy is the use of testosterone injections.  Contact Boston Testosterone to learn more about therapy options.

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