Fact #1 -An orgasm affects the same part of your brain as heroin does in a drug addict’s brain.  Sex really is addictive.

Fact #2 – The use of condoms does not affect orgasm quality.  There is equal probability of a woman orgasming with or without a condom.

Fact #3 – The spark you feel up your spine while orgasming is because of a pair of pudendal nerves that connect the penis/clitoris to the brain.

Fact #4 – A woman can orgasm by the stimulation of breasts and nipples alone.  Yes, nipplegasms are for real!

Fact #5 – Kegal exercises really increase the chances of an orgasm.

Fact #6 – The condition where a person cannot orgasm is called ‘Anorgasmia’, literally meaning ‘lack of orgasm’.

Fact #7 – Orgasm helps you burn only 2-3 calories, through foreplay and intercourse could help you burn up to 50!

Fact #8 – The areas of the brain that register fear and danger are deactivated while climaxing.

Fact #9 – It takes 2 to 10 minutes for average man to orgasm.

Fact #10 – It could take up to around 20 minutes of stimulation for a woman to orgasm.

Fact #11 – Just thinking about orgasming can also result in an orgasm.

Fact #12 – The same parts of brain are activated while orgasming as those activated when you feel pain.

Fact #13 – Orgasms can ease your pain for around 10 minutes.

Fact #14 – It is not necessary for a man to be erect to ejaculate.

Fact #15 – Circumcision doesn’t reduce the chances of orgasm in a man.  But, a foreskin does help increasing the duration of an orgasm.

Fact #16 – Not just men, even woman can orgasm in their sleep.

Fact #17 – Although just a tiny percentage, women have been reported to have orgasmed while doing yoga.

Fact #18 – The farthest distance any man has ejaculated is about 8 feet.

Fact #19 – Most women are unable to orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone.  They need oral sex or physical stimulation to get them going!

Fact #20 – An average orgasm in both men and women lasts for about 17-20 seconds.

Fact #21 – It is possible for a woman to orgasm during child birth.

Fact #22 – the higher your stress level, lower are your chances to orgasm.

Fact #23 – Doggie-style is one of the best sex positions to ensure your woman’s orgasm.

Fact #24 –  Orgasms can cure headaches.

Fact #25 – More orgasms can reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Fact #26 – Squirting doesn’t necessarily equal an orgasm.

Fact #27 –  It’s definitely normal not to have an orgasm every time you have sex.

Fact #28 – Lesbians have more orgasms than heterosexual or bisexual women.

Fact #29 – There are so many things that can scar away an orgasm.

Fact #30 – Some people never (or rarely) have orgasms.

Article Source: http://www.curejoy.com/content/facts-about-orgasms/#facts-about-orgasms

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