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Boston Testosterone Partner’s medically prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men suffering from Andropause or Hypogonadism will improve your quality of life.  If you have been suffering from hypogonadism, the following will sound very familiar:

•           Interested In Increasing Your Sex Drive?

•           Interested In Cutting down Body Fat and Increasing Muscle ?

•           Interested In Reducing Stress and Aging?

•           Interested In Controlling Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Level?

The picture is quite common when it comes to matters of Low T.

We are just getting to the point where we can really enjoy life and are excited about the prospect of engaging in various family activities, or perhaps getting away for a fun, physical-intensive vacation. However, our bodies, often times, aren’t cooperative. We seem to be less and less capable of really living life to the fullest. We’ve begun to feel more tired.

We don’t exercise as much as we use to; we seem to get sick much more frequently; our Sexual Stamina and Performance is not what it once was and we are storing fat in places we never thought possible.

Andropause, hypogonadism and Low T robs us of these things…

Today that all changes.  Today you mark the beginning of your new start. By combining our TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY protocols, our outstanding nutritional advice and regular exercise, Boston Testosterone Partners will help you over come Andropause and reclaim your health.


Unlike all others, the only charge is a small one-time physician fee, and never another fee again so long as you are a TRT patient of ours.  You will not be charged for lab orders, recurring annual fees or recurring quarterly fees.  And you will NEVER be charged to come into the office to ask a question to your physician, ever.  Nothing charged, nothing hidden.  No other clinic offers the same.

The protocol includes the proper use of HcG to prevent any testicular atrophy and to let you enjoy the amazing benefits that accompany HcG therapy.  HcG is not used by the physician for dieting purposes.   B12 injections are incorporated for medical weight loss.  The protocol also includes the conservative use of Aromatase Inhibitors such as Anastrozole (Arimidex) to modulate Estradiol (Estrogen) levels in men into the desirable range.  As new medical studies continue to show, high estrogen levels, not necessarily DHT levels, in aging men pose real dangers to our prostate health, but not to our patients.

And, if the physician decides that Testosterone Hormone Therapy is not for you after his physical exam and review of your lab work results, then there will be no consultation fees and never any hidden charges or contracts.  Please see our webpage About, FAQ and Get Started pages for detailed information on whether or not you qualify as a candidate.

The Best Testimonials and Reviews in the Industry!

Please make sure you head over to our Facebook Wall to read the 50 or so Patient Reviews and Testimonials posted.  No where else in the TRT industry will you find as many real and genuine testimonials.  Guaranteed.

Boston Testosterone Facebook Testimonials

Also, be sure to ask about all our adjunct therapies:  Sermorelin GHRP2 GHRP6 Epi Pen Delivery System, MIC/B12/L-Carnitine, Tadalafil Troches, Glutathione, Vitamin D3 Injectable and more.

Our commitment, concern and unwavering loyalty always rests with you, our patient.

Welcome to the new paradigm in Men’s Health, Boston Testosterone Partners.

Please click here www.BostonTestosterone.com, email us at Info@BostonTestosterone.com or call 1-855-617-MEDS (6337) to get started today!!!

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