Oxytocin is often referred to as the love hormone because it promotes social connections, but new findings suggest it may also offer relief to those suffering from tinnitus. Brazilian researchers found that patients with tinnitus – ringing or buzzing in the ears – obtained relief by spraying oxytocin in their nose.

Lead researcher Dr. Andreia Azevedo said, “Oxytocin has actions in the brain and the ear that may help in tinnitus treatment and provide immediate relief.” Dr. Azevedo is unsure as to how oxytocin works to improve ringing in the ears but she speculates that it may affect the fluid regulation in the inner ear in addition to its effect on brain related to the production of dopamine.

Dr. Azevedo added, “For some patients, tinnitus disappeared or reached a non-distress level. As usual in tinnitus treatment, in some patients the tinnitus kept low, and for some it raised after drug therapy ended.”

At the moment, the effects of oxytocin are safe, but the long-term effects are unknown, so additional research is required. The researchers are working on larger dosage studies to see if the effects of love hormone could be prolonged.

Article Source: http://www.belmarrahealth.com/tinnitus-relief-comes-form-love-hormone/

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